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Celeste Lipow MacLeod After growing up in Arizona, Celeste Lipow MacLeod earned Bachelor and Masters Degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and did graduate work at Columbia University in New York. She has traveled in Europe, Australia and Asia, with extended stays in India and Japan, and has lived in London, Copenhagen and Rome.

Her book, Horatio Alger, Farewell *, described working-class American migrants of the 1970's, young people who came to California on the heels of the affluent hippies, expecting to find the promised American Dream. MacLeod has published articles in The Nation, Library Journal, Los Angeles Times, Harvard Asia Pacific Review, through Pacific News Service and elsewhere.

Traveling and living abroad have increased her interest in immigrants and refugees, other cultures and world history, as well as enlarging her perspective of the United States. Her book in progress: What Fanny Saw: Mrs. Trollope and her Infamous Book on Young America, highlights some national characteristics that Fanny Trollope (Anthony's mother) saw in 1830, which have endured.

MacLeod, who lives in Berkeley, California, has been a Writing Fellow at the Ragdale Foundation in Illinois, the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, the Ucross Foundation in Wyoming and Blue Mountain Center in upstate New York.

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* Excerpts from reviews of Horatio Alger, Farewell:

“...manages to give the failures and frustrations of the shrinking American job market a recognizable human face...MacLeod’s voice is a compassionate cry for intelligent policy.”
Theodore Roszak,
San Francisco Chronicle

“She is certainly correct...that society could do a lot to make life better for these people if it chose to do so.”
Lester Thurow,
New York Times Book Review

“A valuable source of ideas and information for politicians, social scientists, and undergraduates concerned with a prudent and humane use of human resources.”
(Book selection journal for academic and special libraries)